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Creating Google Analytics Campaigns Should Be Easy

Tagging your links is a boring and time consuming task but it's also necessary in order to see if your marketing efforts are paying off. With UtmTag you can define your own presets for generating links that are correctly tagged with UTM codes.

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Type any URL into the input field and get a list of URLs with the necessary UTM tags appended to it. You can then copy each URL and share it to the corresponding social site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus).

  • Add your link

    Add Your Link

    Add Your Link

    Add the link you want to tag with UTM codes. We will then generate a new link for each of your custom presets and thus getting you all the correct links that you need to share in one go.

  • Share It

    Share It

    Share It

    By sharing a different link for each channel you want to track (social media, email, account profile/bio, forum comment, etc), you can measure the effectiveness of that channel and decide if you want to invest more in it or not.

  • Track It

    Track It

    Track It

    Google Analytics is a free tool that can do all the tracking for you, as long as you tag your links right. Once you have your links and you've shared them across your channels, it's now time to see which one is better for you.


Here are the benefits you can get by working with UtmTag


All you need to do is copy and paste the link you want to tag. We take care of generating the correct links so you don't have to.

No More Typos

Tagging your links by hand makes it really easy to mess up your reports. We make sure you're always sharing the right links.

Save Time

Write once, use everywhere. UtmTag will use your presets over and over without you having to type anything twice.


Organizations help you make sure your team is always sharing the correct links by having a centralized list of presets and projects.

Team Teams

Team members can collaborate on projects by tagging their own links with the presets defined on each project.

Projects Projects

Projects make organizations more effective by further scoping presets and tags into different groups.

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